Jan 5, 2021

Ask Oasis: Slip Move Process

Jean Link carries a question to the marina management and gets an answer.


“There is a lot of curiosity in the marina around how an individual might move to a different slip from where one is currently. For example, if I came into the marina office (as life aboard and a barge-owner) and asked where I might be able to move my barge within our marina, would you be able to suggest open slips where I could move it? How does that process work?

Also important to think about: If someone else came into your office (as a live-aboard but a boat owner) and asked where they might be able to move their boat within the marina, how does that process work? I’m just assuming they have more options as boat owners, but I have no idea.

I’m looking for a clear understanding of what it takes as a live-aboard to move around within our slips. I am not interested in displacing other boats and barges unless the other owner agreed they wanted to move also.”

Chris Williams, Acting General Manager:

“If a boater wishes to move their boat and availability is open then a boat move is perfectly acceptable. 
We have a map of open slips in the management office that shows what is available for any particular size. (5 feet overage is the maximum allowed for safety, this includes any dinghies or small craft)

If a boater wishes to move their boat they need to make their request in the management office.

If the boat move is approved then we would charge $100.00 for the move at the time when the boat reaches its new slip.

At the time of the slip move, we would take a picture of the old slip electric pedestal and the new pedestal to keep electrical billing correct

We as marina personnel are not allowed to use any of the marina equipment including boats or other assets to assist. We are also not allowed to have employees assist in the actual boat move. We can assist with lines at the slip to prevent damage to the docks only.

If a boat is unable to move itself the boater must arrange to have a tow assist them with the move.

All outside linear docks and T-heads are reserved for transient boaters only!”