Feb 6, 2009


First, a big welcome to new GPSA members! We value your desire to become more involved in the community. GPSA depends on your support.

As you most likely saw in a recent management email, GPSA negotiated with marina management last weekend to post the list of contractors that "may be eligible" to work in the marina on the Gangplank website (http://www.gangplank.com/ and click on "Contractor List" on the left-hand side of the website). We are very happy about the posting as it increases transparency and makes accessing the list simpler for anyone with Internet access.

We have put together some notes (see attachment) from Tuesday's meeting with Nina and J. Let me know if anything should be corrected or added. Don't forget to fill out the customer service survey when you have a moment: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=BKbZhQJugiQ9EkA_2bRXPWRA_3d_3d

John, Jim, and I will be putting our heads together soon to set a date and time for the Spring GPSA meeting. In the meantime, please continue to brainstorm regarding community issues that you feel are important for GPSA to address.

The SW Safety Walkers will be holding a special Community Peace Walk on Valentine's Day. We really appreciate this local, community policing effort, so please support them if you are available. They will meet on Saturday, Feb 14 at 3:00pm at Potomac Place Tower at 800 4th St., SW.

Those are all the announcements I have for the moment.

Have a great weekend everyone.