Apr 30, 2009

The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be available for Safety Checks May 16th

Per the marina's announcement:

The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be available for Safety Checks May 16th 9am to 1 pm.

Appointment times are as follows:





1200-1215 LUNCH


As you know the safety check is free. Those that pass get a decal for their boat which may save being boarded by the police or Coast Guard. If they fail we don't report the results and will give them a recheck on request. Usually lights burned out, or flares past the expiration date cause problems.

Ask everyone who signs up to take a look at www.safetyseal.net. It shows what will be covered in the safety check. If they lay out the gear on a bunk it will make everything go fast.

14th Street Bridge Rehabilitation

14th Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Starting April 30, a two-year rehabilitation of the 14th Street Bridges will begin. The job involves major repairs to the northbound bridge and minor repairs to the southbound bridge (no work will occur on the HOV bridge).

The work with the greatest impact on the public is repairs to the deck of the northbound bridge. While four lanes will be maintained during morning commuting periods, resurfacing the deck during the next year is anticipated to impose significant delays on northbound morning commuters.

See the DDOT page for more information.

Apr 7, 2009

GPSA Potomac River Watershed Cleanup Photos

Thanks to everyone who participated for all of your help! Click on the album cover below to view photos from the clean up.

GPSA Clean Up