Jan 26, 2010

Message from PYRCA RegardingTransient Slips in Alexandria

Documents referred to in the message below can be downloaded here.

PRYCA Clubs:

The Alexandria City Marina is in jeopardy of reducing it’s transient slippage to 4-6 slips to alleviate budget requirements that are needed for transient slip support.

It is important for members of the boating community to be heard about losing this valuable destination from our "Float Plans".
Please come voice your concerns at the hearing on January 28, 2010 7:00 PM at the Alexandria City Hall, 301 King St, Alexandria, VA.
If you are unable to attend (or even if you plan to attend) please send your comments to Councilman Paul C. Smedberg at paulcsmedberg@aol.com. An email can also be sent to Councilman Smedberg through the City of Alexandria website.
PRYCA is sending representatives to this meeting. But we can’t do it alone. All yacht clubs, maritime organizations and boaters who want to visit Old Town by boat need to be heard.
Please ensure widest and swift dissemination of this information to all boaters so they are aware and can be heard on this issue.
Attached is the letter from PRYCA Vice Commodore, Ruth Lovelace, that was sent to Councilman Smedberg who sits on the Waterfront Committee.
There is a waterfront committee website with resource materials (attached) supporting the economic development of the Alexandria waterfront.

Very Respectfully,
Debbie Ruttenberg
Secretary, PRYCA