Jan 14, 2010

Start thinking about spring/summer/fall vegetables

Hungry? At least for some warmer weather? One nice thing you can do to as you fantasize about the summer months is to sign up for a share of vegetables through a Community-Supported Agriculture (often called a CSA share) arrangement.

Last summer, 4 coolers of locally-grown, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables went to Gangplankers each week. To get our vegetables, we paid in advance for a subscription to Orchard Country Produce, and each week, picked up the vegetables from the farmer's market at the DOT building on M Street. Joining a CSA is a chance to experience the joys of: 1) eating in-season produce without having to research what's in season before you go shopping 2) knowing the people who grew your food 3) cooking more beets and squash and corn than you might be accustomed to working with; 4) having a fantastic variety of apples and pears and plums in your diets; 5) no longer needing to buy produce at Safeway, Whole Foods, etc. Even more reasons to join a CSA can be found here, if you aren't convinced yet.

GOOD NEWS: This year, if we can get 5 or more subscriptions to Orchard Country Produce, Farmer Gregg is willing to drop off our coolers directly to the Marina every Tuesday during the season. Conversations with Gangplank security indicate that a drop-off from the farmer will be handled in the same fashion as a regular package.

PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY if you are interested ...this link has the pricing and subscription info. We encourage you to share your CSA shares with neighbors. That way, vegetable bartering is possible, plus if you go out of town for a week you won't lose all your vegetables and investment. Eve, Mikhael, Travis & Jess, Tim, Jason, Justin & Liz, and Petra & Greg can all attest to how well they ate last summer - as well as to how much of a support the CSA can be to family farms in our region. Orchard Country Produce also offers eggs, meat, butter, and cheese, in addition to the regular CSA shares. Questions? reply to this post or seek out any of the above-mentioned neighbors, or contact Farmers Gregg and Louise Keckler directly.