Feb 4, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Here are the most recent minutes from our last GPSA meeting.


Live Coverage of the SW Waterfront Development Advisory Group

Hello All,

We are going to have live coverage of the SW Waterfront Development Advisory Group starting at 8am today. To check it out, please click here.

You can also follow the coverage on Twitter. Look for SWWDAG

Feb 1, 2010

Wells Makes Call for Nominations to Pedestrian Advisory Council

From Tommy's website:

Last year, Councilmember Wells introduced legislation creating the PAC – an advisory body modeled after the Bicycle Advisory Council. The PAC will serve as the advisory body to the Mayor, the Council of the District of Columbia, and District agencies on pedestrian safety issues for the city and make recommendations on policy and legislation. Each Councilmember will be allowed to nominate one member to the PAC.

The PAC will begin its work in the coming months and Councilmember Wells has put a call out to all neighbors interested in serving as the member representing Ward 6.

Nominations can be made through Councilmember Wells’ website (link: http://bit.ly/6Yz76z) and are due by 5:00 pm on February 12th. The Ward 6 PAC member will be selected from the nominations by Councilmember Wells.