Apr 13, 2010

SW Waterfront Clean-up a Huge Success

As part of the Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, this year, nearly 30 participants from the Gangplank Marina and all over Southwest Washington, DC united to clean up the waterfront. The neighborhood clean-up effort was well-timed, coming on the heels of the Cherry Blossom Festival and right before the start of the annual Cherry Blossom Run. These two events are times when the Waterfront is at its busiest. The clean-up showed the neighborhood's many visitors not only how beautiful its trees and landscaping are, but also how aesthetically pleasing the street-scape and the water-scape are along the Washington Channel.

The group picked trash up from the 14th Street bridge, NW, all the way down to the Gangplank Marina parking lot, located at 6th Street SW. A whopping total of 55 bags of trash were collected by the energetic group of volunteers, who were in lighthearted spirits throughout the event. What was both the biggest and smallest contributor to those 55 trash bags? Drum roll please... cigarette butts! The difference was immediately visible as pedestrians walked down to the waterfront between the Maine Ave. fish market and the Tidal Basin, many of whom thanked the group for their efforts.

The businesses along the clean up path included the Channel Inn, Zanzibar, Hogates, Phillips, Jenny's, Capitol Yacht Club, Seafood Market and Washington Marina boating store. Hats off to Washington Marina for granting their dumpster space for the deposit of all the trash collected during the successful event. Also, special thanks to the Alice Ferguson Foundation, who graciously supplied the volunteers with the much-needed gloves and trash bags which were essential to making the event such a success.

The Alice Ferguson Waterfront Clean-is quickly becoming an annual tradition for the Gangplank Marina Slipholder's Association (GPSA), a neighborhood organization from the boater's community at the Gangplank Marina, who organized the group of volunteers for the event. In addition to the GPSA's participation in this effort, its community is also proud to reside in a "Green Marina." The GPSA's greening - and blueing - efforts along the waterfront also included a tree-planting event in November of 2009, hosting a Community-Supported Agriculture family farm drop-off site in 2010, and clean boating educational programs throughout the year.

Apr 6, 2010

SW Waterfront Clean-up This Saturday, April 10

The Gangplank Slipholders' Association (GPSA) would like to invite you to join us this Saturday, April 10, to pick up trash along the Southwest waterfront. As a community living on the water, GPSA members are very aware of the current environmental state of the waterfront. We have organized a site for this year's Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac River Watershed clean-up as one of many efforts to constantly improve the environmental health and appearance of the SW waterfront.

If you would like to help us clean up this Saturday, please meet at 9:00am at the north end of the Southwest Seafood Market at 1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024. Parking is available on the street on Maine Ave before the Seafood Market. It is a moderate to long walking distance from L'Enfant Plaza or Southwest metro stops.

GPSA will provide trash bags and gloves. All we need you to do is show up (and possibly bring a friend or two). Also, given the warm weather recently, we recommend that you bring water with you.

This clean-up will be very important, as a large amount of trash has accumulated recently on the SW waterfront from the multitude of attendees at this year's national cherry blossom festival. GPSA is excited that so many people have visited the waterfront during these events. Now, we'd like to set a good example of how our community can work together to keep the trash that is a by-product of these events out of the Potomac.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Kopp (202.495.0729). Feel free to share this invitation with anyone you think may be interested in joining the clean-up.