Jan 28, 2011

GPSA Meeting on Jan 31, 2010 at 7:00PM

The next GPSA meeting will take place this coming Monday, Jan 31 at 7:00PM in the Harbor Patrol Community Classroom.

A tentative agenda is listed below. Please contact Jason Kopp (gpsa.president@gmail.com) if you have any suggestions or would like to make an announcement at the meeting. J Nickerson will attend to answer any questions slipholders may have for marina management. He will also speak about the upcoming changes to E Dock. The E Dock changes will potentially affect all slipholders as early as Feb, so we urge you to attend this meeting if possible.

Tentative GPSA Agenda for 1/31/11

- Development (E Dock Transition) - J Nickerson
- Community Support for Brian and Andre's Documentary (http://www.hiptv.com/)
- Community Boat Outings
- Cherry Blossoms Events
- Used flare night
- Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac Watershed Clean up (and possible kayak clean up - April 9)
- More Tree Plantings? Other Green Initiatives?
- Celebrating Liveaboard Boater Day in the District of Colombia (Aug 13)
- GPSA Boats for major events
- Inclusion of larger SW Community, PN Hoffmand & Associates, and Deputy Mayor's Office for Economic Development in GPSA events
- Community Concerns and Suggestions
- Future Meeting Dates