Apr 23, 2011

GPSA Potomac River Watershed Cleanup!

Many thanks to all who helped with the cleanup today! Final stats: 20 people participated via land and water to collect 22.75 bags of garbage and 10.5 bags of recycling, including 103 plastic shopping bags, 1134 cigarette butts, and 1 tire. Not to mention a lot of styrofoam food containers, plastic flatware, beer can/bottles, and plastic water bottles. Great work team! Special thanks to the Alice Ferguson Foundation for the trash bags and gloves, to John for organizing the site and compiling the data, to Kim and Eve for printing and posting fliers, and to Bill and Laura for the awesome trash-picking-up claw-thingies!

Check out our Flickr stream for photos from the cleanup:

Apr 6, 2011


Thank you again to everyone who put up pink lights and helped to create the magical amazing pink effect of total awesomeness!

Many people in the community took notice of our efforts, including the developer's marketing guru, Bob Rubenkonig, who sent us the following message:

"... thanks again for everything you and everyone from the live-aboard community at Gangplank did to ensure the sucess of the festival -- the light up was amazing! I can't even imagine what you all will pull off next year for the 100th Anniversary event."

I'll post the results on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog sites. You can also leave comments for the winners on the Picasa Album.


Jess Dankert and Travis Johnson of D-Dock for emanating the most crazy amount of pink possible! Check out photos of Alt Angler below:
Prize Winners

We had so many amazing light displays that the judges were inspired to create runners up. In fact, we plan on making the contest much bigger next year for the 100th Anniversary of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. We will definitely have more than one prize in the future, and may consider maintaining all of the following categories:

Gabe Castillo and Charlotte Sofia Marshall (F Dock) - Most Photographed by Cherry Blossom Tourists and Most Likely to Produce a Flash Mob on the SW Waterfront

Justin and Liz Chambers (C Dock) - Most Artistic Display of Pink Cherry Blossom Awesomeness

Sarah Harman (H Dock)- Best Presentation for Judging

Chris Wright and Pete Meachum (B Dock) - Best Pink Profile ... AKA Best Use of Sexy LED Lighting

Tom and Karen (H Dock) - Best Lighted Cherry Tree

Eve Bratman (C Dock) - Best Lighted Cherry Shrub

Tony Wetzler and Melissa Ruiz (D Dock) - Most Colorful Lanterns

Debbie Christianson (F Dock) - Most Magical Pink Arch

Bud and Sandie Pullara (C Dock) - Best Use of a Pink Flamingo