Jun 28, 2011

DC's First-ever Boat Homes Tour!

It's official! The first-ever Boat Homes Tour will take place in Washington DC on Aug 13 at from 10am-2pm. Visit our website for all of the info: http://www.dchouseboat.org/

Tickets are on sale now, so don't miss your chance to purchase them here.
More info to come soon!

Jun 26, 2011

Station 4 Opens Tonight at 5PM!

Station 4 opens tonight at 5PM. Be sure to check out the new restaurant that everyone in SWDC has been talking about! In addition to incredible food, 20% of all proceeds from that night will go to the SW Playgroud Project.

If you're curious to learn more, visit the Station 4 Facebook Page throughout the day. An official menu is now available! You can also check out photos of the restaurant.

If you want to help build enthusiasm for tonight's event on Twitter, be sure to use the hashtag #Station4DC (we've updated our Twitter widget to follow this hashtag today). Some alternative hashtags I thought might be fun to also use include: #droolingoverduckfatfries #deliriousforduckfatfries #willtweetforduckfatfries #deliciousnessinswdc #crazyforchesapeakecrab #salivatingoverStation4DC . Got any additional ideas? Let us know in the comments field!

You can also check in on FourSquare when you visit and try to oust the current mayor, Kevin B. Don't worry, he only has Four check-ins!

Hope to see you @Station4DC soon! If you have any photos from today's opening you'd like us to post, please send us an email. We'll upload them to our Facebook Page.

Jun 24, 2011

Community Info Updates

Hello GPSA members! We have lots of great things going in our community right now. Here is a general summary:

Ward 6 Family Day with Tommy Wells is this Saturday, June 25, 2011, 1:00 - 5:00 pm at the Yards Park. Please attend and tell Tommy the boat people (GPSA) are grateful for his support!

Station 4 is opening this Sunday at 5PM! Make reservations here and tell them GPSA sent you: http://schmap.it/6jwu0z

Next meeting for the Floating Homes tour is 7:30.PM next Thursday 6/30 at happy hour (on the barge!)

Regarding Development, we are currently working with the HMW team on updating the PUD language to be more explicit regarding GP slipholder rights to stay during the transition and in the redevelopment marina. We should have more info on this process shortly. In the meantime here is some additional info:

- The latest big news is the Press release by Eleanor Norton on SW Waterfront redevelopment legislation: http://owl.li/5o3k9. This legislation is important for the development to move forward (and to accommodate more boats in the new marinas ... also very important for transition plans).

- Please put these two dates on your calendar:
Monday, July 11 : ANC Meeting on PUD: 7:00 pm : Location TBD
Tuesday, July 18 : Zoning Commission Hearing : 6:30 pm : Office of Zoning Hearing
Room, 441 4th Street NW, Room 220-S

Washington Kastles are seeking ball people, visit their website if you are interested: http://t.co/RPVSLRr

DDOTDC recently finished implementing pay-by-phone parking Ward 6. YEAH!!! http://www.parkmobile.com/

Unfortunately, I didn't get an email out in time to tell you about last Tuesdays' Potomac River Power Squadron meeting on the event barge. Please check out their website for more info: http://www.usps.org/localusps/potomac/index.html. I'll be sure to send an announcement before the meeting next time!

Last, but not least, from POWYC: Next Tuesday evening 6/28, we'll be heading over to "shop night" at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation to help work on their current wooden boat project and hear about the great work they're doing with at-risk youth. If you're interested in the ancient art of boat building, or just boat-curious, don't miss this outing! Space is limited though, so please RSVP.

Jun 9, 2011

SW Waterfront Community Workshop and GPSA Development Committee Updates

Southwest, The Little Quadrant That Could recently published a great summary of Tuesday's SW Waterfront Community Workshop at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, LLC (HMW)Planned Unit Development (PUD). Check it out here.

GPSA made a good showing at the event, with approximately 20 slipholders in attendance.

The GPSA Development Committee met with the HMW team Wednesday morning to further discuss the transition plan for the live-aboard and work-aboard communities at Gangplank Marina. The overall sentiment clearly articulated by all HMW leadership at the meeting was that the live-aboard community is their #1 concern during the GP transition. Live-aboards will receive first priority during the transition, although the initial goal is to allow all current slipholders the option to stay.

The devil is in the details, and the details of the transition plan will need to be worked out over the coming year as the construction start date of late 2012 draws near. The game of marina tetris to decide who moves when and how many moves each boat makes must be played collaboratively by slipholders, marina management, and the HMW team.

There will be quite a bit of work ahead for everyone to make sure the transition will be a success. Living in a construction environment will not be easy. However, given the commitment the development team has made verbally and promises to make in writing (in the PUD), it appears that HMW is dedicated to preserving the Gangplank community. We couldn't be happier!