Jun 9, 2011

SW Waterfront Community Workshop and GPSA Development Committee Updates

Southwest, The Little Quadrant That Could recently published a great summary of Tuesday's SW Waterfront Community Workshop at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, LLC (HMW)Planned Unit Development (PUD). Check it out here.

GPSA made a good showing at the event, with approximately 20 slipholders in attendance.

The GPSA Development Committee met with the HMW team Wednesday morning to further discuss the transition plan for the live-aboard and work-aboard communities at Gangplank Marina. The overall sentiment clearly articulated by all HMW leadership at the meeting was that the live-aboard community is their #1 concern during the GP transition. Live-aboards will receive first priority during the transition, although the initial goal is to allow all current slipholders the option to stay.

The devil is in the details, and the details of the transition plan will need to be worked out over the coming year as the construction start date of late 2012 draws near. The game of marina tetris to decide who moves when and how many moves each boat makes must be played collaboratively by slipholders, marina management, and the HMW team.

There will be quite a bit of work ahead for everyone to make sure the transition will be a success. Living in a construction environment will not be easy. However, given the commitment the development team has made verbally and promises to make in writing (in the PUD), it appears that HMW is dedicated to preserving the Gangplank community. We couldn't be happier!