Jul 21, 2011

2011 Live-Aboard Boater Day Resolution

We are very thankful to Tommy Wells and his staff for assisting us in renewing the Ceremonial Resolution recognizing Aug 13, 2011 as Live-Aboard Boater Day in the District of Columbia. You can read the full text of the resolution by clicking here.

Remember, GPSA will celebrate Live-Aboard Boater Day this year with DC's first-ever Boat Home Tour! You can find more info and purchase tickets at www.dchouseboat.org. Net Proceeds from the tour will go to support the Alice Ferguson Foundation's work with Potomac River stewardship, and Southwest DC's own Earth Conservation Corps' urban youth development and environmental service.

Below are photos of the signed resolution. GPSA is proud to be part of SW DC, and thankful for the support of Tommy Wells, ANC 6D, SWNA, Near SE/SW CBCC, and many other neighbors that have helped to make us an integral part of the community.

Jul 20, 2011

DCOZ Stage One HMW PUD Hearing

This Monday's First-Stage PUD Hearing for the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront development on the SW Waterfront (Case No. 11-03) was a long one: five hours in total. The public record is still open for submission pending final input from ANC 6D. The opposition party did not have time to present and will be presenting tonight at around 7PM. You can watch a live webcast by clicking here.

We've put together some highlights from the hearing below. If you want to view the full hearing, click on the third clip.

Gangplank Slipholders Association Party Testimony (Jason Kopp, GPSA President):

Additional testimony on behalf of GPSA (Eve Bratman, GPSA VP):

Full Hearing: