Aug 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene - The Morning After

Irene Slams the East CoastRain is clearing up and winds are down to 20-25mph gusts this morningStill a little wave action this morning.Seems pretty peaceful on the docks at the moment.
Dragon boats took on a little water, but still floating fine.Ducks still enjoying the rain. Water levels appear to be down around Haines Pt.This bimini frame was the only damage I noticed around the marina this morning.A few tree branches down on the seawall.Piece of styrofoam came loose from one of the docks.
Please make sure your bottles don't end up in the Potomac!Washington Kastles Stadium still has a bit of standing water.A fence blew over in the Kastles StadiumWharf banners on the Former Zanzibar buildingOnly noticed this morning that the parking garage had boarded up openings along the seawall.
Some additional tree branches around 7th St LandingAnother, larger branch down near the entrance of the former Zanzibar buildingLights at 7th St Landing seemed to have survived Irene fine.Wharf Farmers Market banners seem to have survived fine.

The live-aboard community seems to have weathered the storm fine. Besides a few downed tree branches and one mangled bimini frame, I didn't notice any additional damage when I walked the docks this morning.

The Capital Weather Gang says that we should expect light rain to continue for another 2-3 hours. Winds are slightly weaker this morning 20-25 mph sustained, down from 30-40 mph overnight.

I shot a quick video this morning to give you a better idea of current conditions at the marina:

Hurricane Irene - 12:40 AM update

Irene continues to batter the marina with fairly heavy rain and strong winds (sustained 36 MPH and gusts upwards of 45 MPH). Despite knocking us around in our slips, our boats seem to be handling the weather rather well. The latest reports seem to indicate that we will be experiencing similar conditions for another few hours.

The Capital Weather Gang blog reports that today's rainfall of 2.99" (prelim) at Reagan Nat'l was the wettest August day since 8/27/1971. All the rain definitely allows a boater to test how water-tight every window, hatch, and porthole is.

Nothing else too exciting to report at the moment. Hoping I can get a few hours of sleep in between all the rocking.

Goodnight, Irene!

Aug 27, 2011

9:00PM Update

Not much has changed since my last update, although winds are certainly starting to gust stronger now. Perhaps around 40-45MPH. Otherwise, things are actually fairly calm in the marina. About 1.67 inches had fallen by 7:52PM according to NOAA. That amount is expected to at least double in the next several hours.

Below are a couple more recent photos from the marina, as well as a very appropriate video shared by Veronica O (AKA @Dizzyluv25). Enjoy!

Harbor Patrol surveying the channel at dusk

As night falls, Gangplank Residents get ready to feel the full force of Irene in DC!

Hurricane Irene - 6PMish update

Hurricane Irene, a set on Flickr.

I stepped outside for a quick walk and took some additional photos.

Everyone seems to be pretty hunkered down at this point. The wind has picked up a bit, probably gusting at about 35 mph now. Rain is steady and getting slightly heavier.

No real problems to report in the marina at the moment. I stopped in at a neighbor's for an incredible bowl of chili! Now, back on the boat and getting used to the rocking.

Irene will probably disturb our sleep a bit tonight as sustained winds are supposed to reach 40mph late this evening and early into tomorrow. All the more reason for hurricane parties to run a little later!