Nov 4, 2012

October Peg Leg Award (AKA Peggie) - Celebrating Community at Gangplank

GPSA started a new tradition this year called the Peg Leg Award to better recognize the strong sense of community that makes living at Gangplank Marina so special. That sense of community exists due in no small part to the small acts of kindness that slipholders impart to one another on a regular basis. 

We decided GPSA should create an award to recognize these deeds that form the foundation of our community. The award would be called the Peg Leg Award and be given in recognition of being a good neighbor. Why a peg leg? Because we live on boats! And because we think that a good neighbor often provides support beyond what we are capable of doing alone.

Past Peg Leg Award winners include Jess and Travis (January) and Justin and Liz (April). As in the past, we selected five nominations randomly from a hat, and read each one aloud at the meeting. The fifth nominee was selected as the winner of the Peg Leg Award. To recognize as many neighbors as possible for their wonderful deeds, we decided to post all of the nominations below.

The October winner was GPSA President Jason Kopp. Jason has served as GPSA President for 4 years and led the GPSA during the negotiation process on a liveaboard management and transition plan with the District and SW Waterfront developers. Jason will be able to proudly display the Peggie as he chooses until we present our next Peg Leg Award at our January meeting!

Peg Leg Award Nominations for October 2012

Winner: Jason Kopp
Boat: Argo
Why: Jason saved our community!
By whom: Thom Hartmann – Freedom

Other nominations:
Name: Gene Day (and Bob from Bob & Stacy H dock sailboat)
Boat: Adios on A dock
Why: He helped unload literally a giant pile of lumber from my rental truck, working for hours together with me until very late hauling heavy crap down the docks. Bob, too.
By whom: Eve

Name: Jason
Boat: F dock
Why: Tirelessly working for us via GPSA to secure our future on the waterfront with the developer, city, etc.
By whom: Darrell F dock

Name: Justin & Liz
Boat: C dock
Why: they always come to the rescue. Car repairs, printer help, you name it.. Jiz is there ready, willing and able to help.
By whom: Eve (who often needs rescues)

Name: Jason Kopp
Boat: F dock
Why: He has gone out of his in a major way to build a sense of community, not just in Gangplank but in all of Southwest!
By whom: I am 5+ year liveaboard who sees a much brighter future for us all thanks to Jason.

Name: Tonya Nichols
Boat: B-07
Why: helped organize quite a few marina events. Reached out to other neighborhood organizations for volunteers.
By whom: marina employee

Name: Justin Chambers
Boat: C-7
Why: Spent the better part of a day working on the JECAR (formerly JETCAR) fixing the clutch, saving us quite a bit of money.
By whom: Joe & Eve

Name: Darrell Fields
Boat: F dock
Why: Has never said no when ask to do a favor or help………
By whom: F-17

Name: Diane Jones
Why: Houseboat tour organizer
By whom:

Name: Bill and Diane
Boat: F dock
Why: Diane and Bill gave their all to have a successful 2012 home-boat tour. The tour was a huge success this year, mainly due to the efforts of Bill and Diane (and of course, all the slipholders that participated). Bill and Diane spent a huge amount of time starting at the beginning of the year planning for this great event. Not only did they reach out to the community through various press releases, emails to blogs, flyers, and word-of-mouth; but they also paid attention to the little details, such as, flowers for the check in tables, sandwiches for the volunteers, the humorous and informative booklet, pennants to identify the boats, and of course, the awesome after-party.  From all of us at Gangplank Marina, you arrgh great!
By whom: H-26, Concatemer II

Name: Diane and Bill Jones
Boat: H dock
Why: Great job running the 2012 boat home tour! Seemed like a great event and got lots of great exposure for the liveaboard community, especially among SW neighbors. So many visitors on Saturday said they always walk by and wonder what it’s like to live on a boat at Gangplank, so it was great to be able to invite people inside! People also really seemed to like the “passports” they could get stamped – neat idea! It was a really positive community event – thanks to Diane & Bill for pulling it off!
By whom:

Name: Julie Waesche
Boat: I-dock T
Why: Watching Quinn during boat tour….
By whom:

Name: John and Laura McLaughlin
Boat: A-dock (Panacea)
Why: Provided a temporary boat-home for us and our kitties for a month while our boat was having work done.
By whom: Liz & Justin C-7

Name: Jason
Boat: Argo
Why: All around awesomeness
By whom: Mark H-28, your humble servant

Name: Roger Thiel
Why: Sunday coffee for years and years, for being a regular and reliable and decent member of community and for all his delightful idiosyncrasies.
By whom: