Dec 1, 2015

November 2015 Peg Leg Award Results

This month's "Peggie" winner is: Gary Blumenthal
Congratulations and thanks for being a good neighbor, Gary!


Kathy Heet - Always feeding everybody.
Kathy Heet - 1) Tireless good cheer 2) Mysterious gifts and food showing up on all our bows 3) All the thankless work of GPSA this year.
Kathy Heet - KH is always very generous. Among other things, she always offers me medicine when I’m sick and brings me free salsa all the time. If I ever need anything, she’s willing to help.
Tashia McCarty - Media blitzing to bond Gangplankers. (Kathy Heet)
Laneyse Hooks - Saved my garden when we were away in September. (Karen Anderson)
Bob Rose - Helping us come in safely - appreciate the wingspan. (Mikhael Schlossman)
Bob Rose - For teaching me how to crew boats and for teaching me to drive my own. (Tashia McCarty)
Joe Henderson - Being a good neighbor .(Justin Chambers)
Mikhael Schlossman - Always reties my lines so I don’t wreck his boat! (Kim Curry)
Choutee (T) - Saved our dog, Atlas, when he fell in the water. No one else was around to help the dog walker. (Todd Garth)
Gary Blumenthal - Gary organized security guard Patrick’s farewell party.
Gary Blumenthal - Terrific farewell party and gift for Patrick. Before and continuing - Gary’s photos and written communication and his spirit of community are inspirational. (Jim Bellas)
Gary Blumenthal - In addition to being an all-around nice guy, he has been an amazing POWYC Bridge Member, keeping the website going and putting out great weekly newsletters. He also takes photos at every event. For Serving as secretary at all meetings and pitching in wherever there’s a need. (Laura Zylstra)
Justin Chambers - Taught me how to drive our new boat. (Tashia McCarty)
Melissa Wetzler - She always cooks, helps set up for parties, and makes sure everyone has a good time
Pam - Offered to teach me how to dock our new boat several times and gave helpful tips. (Tashia McCarty)
Tony Wetzler - Tony is responsible for saving my house. Tashia left the tanks filling and he turned off the water avoiding much worse damage. (Kelly Simon)
(Group nomination) Justin Chambers, Tashia McCarty, Jess Dankert, Travis Johnson, Kelly Simon, and Joe Henderson - Towing “This Side Up” to Ft. Washington to get hauled out. Amazing generosity and teamwork - I am honored to have you all as friends! (Kate Schneider)
Karen Anderson - Brought me soup and took my dog out when I was really sick and Todd was gone. (Laura Zylstra)
Roger Thiel - Putting out the coffee EVERY Sunday, rain or shine. (Joe Wasiak)
Debbie Ruttenberg - Helped clean up everything after Pirate Docktoberfest. (Kelly Simon)
Kate Schneider - Kate lets me borrow her tools every time I am in need and she always offers to help with boat projects. (Tashia McCarty)
Fred Picard - Gave me a free haircut for my new job post-graduation. (Tashia McCarty
(Group nomination) Petra McPherson, Laneyse Hooks - Fed and took care of my cat while I was on travel. (Debbie Ruttenberg)

Keep up the good work!