Aug 21, 2020

GPSA Board: Masks and the Marina

The GPSA Board has received many inquiries about marina policies during the pandemic, and as neighbors, we have observed quite a range of behaviors as we have adapted over the last few months. Mask policies - and their usage - continues to be a big topic in our Board meetings and in meetings with Oasis and Wharf management. This email was already being planned following our recent meetings, but it seems even more timely given recent email threads. 


In short, the Mayor's executive order of July 22 order applies to the marina and it is expected that everyone in the marina - whether staff, transient, liveaboard, guest or other - comply with the order. The order requires people to wear a mask when they leave their homes if they are likely to come into contact with another person for more than a fleeting moment. And since you never know who you will encounter on the docks (or when a neighborly conversation will start up), being on the docks at any time means you are likely to be in contact with another person for more than a fleeting encounter!


We all make our own value judgements and risk assessments about social engagements, contractor interactions and about other people in/on our vessels (and we are certainly all humans who can be forgetful or stubborn at times). But, whether or not masks should be worn when you leave your boat and when in common areas is not up for debate. 


If compliance with the law was not enough of a reason, we kindly remind everyone that our community includes several residents with factors that put them at higher risk of experiencing severe illness from this virus. So, even if you believe yourself to be invincible, please mask up for them and for our collective peace of mind. (Also, let us insert a general plug for demonstrating civility and respect. Not just by wearing a mask, but also on the listserv. We're all going through a lot these days. But we are a community that aspires to be respectful even when we disagree or when we feel the need to hold each other accountable.)


Also, note that we have had direct, repeated conversations with Oasis and the Wharf about mask compliance of commercial boats, transients and marina staff. Some are better at complying than others. Oasis assures us that they take the mask order seriously and are constantly working to improve compliance. However, if you notice any violations or willful indifference, we implore you to raise that concern with Oasis and with any Board member. 


We've been extremely lucky to only have had a limited number of scares here in the marina. Let's keep it that way - MASK UP!